LEA Insurance

By: Bryan Huici

06-28-2023 03:58:23 PM



LEA Insurance is a local insurance agency, where users can submit a contact form for inquiring leads, and potential agents. They can also learn about Medicare, Obamacare, Funeral Assistance, and Final Expenses. Created the content for both English and Spanish.

Tech Stack

  • Next.js: A React framework for building server-rendered and statically exported applications.
  • Typescript: A statically typed superset of JavaScript.
  • React: A JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • TailwindCSS: A utility-first CSS framework.
  • Zod: A TypeScript-first schema validation library.
  • Shadcn-ui - Headless UI library built on Radix UI for accessibility
  • Airtable - a excel like document storage platform for user data
  • Framer Motion - Client side Animation library for React.js
  • Next-Themes - Dark mode provider



LEA Insurance Home Page


Learn Insurance Page